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This May I organized another group of people to take an Excursion from the United States to France. We traveled with each other to paint, write, and explore. We arrived first in the City of Paris. I was already excited to do some painting. As soon as I arrived I grabbed my gear and headed out on the cool morning. The Seine River runs through the City of Paris, and the walkway that runs beside the river is perfect for setting up your easel and painting. I did two small paintings, one each day. The following day it was much more sunny, and I walked back down and painted the boats parked along the river. It was a  joy to have the city of Paris as the backdrop for my painting of the old passenger boats.

Artist Sharon Rusch Shaver Painting in Paris 2012

The following day we took a fast train to Limoges and spent the next 10 days exploring the countryside of Southwest France. How exciting to have other artists joining me. Each day those who wanted to, painted plein air somewhere for a few hours, on sunny days, and even on rainy days. Several of the quests who came with us  took cooking classes available to them, as well as horseback riding, and lots of shopping!  Painting from life, plein air painting, is exciting and fun, and although several of the artists who joined me, had not tried painting from life before taking this trip with me, after watching my demonstrations, they were excited to be able to do a painting from life on their own!

It is so much fun when you bring back more than souvenirs, you bring back a representation of something you saw, created by you! I am planning another trip to the Tuscan area of Italy this time. If you are an Artist, Writer, or love to Explore exciting places, I invite you to join me. We will have much more fun if YOU come with us!

Artist Sharon Rusch Shaver France 2012

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  1. Joan Cornwell says:

    Hey Fred, I’m so happy you had such a wonderful time! Everything in your pictures looks so beautiful and I’m sure your paintings are awesome.
    Love, Ethel

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