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Large moss-covered legs stretch towards me,

Listening as I work, to the constant trickle of  water in the creek that connects the two of us,

Purple Hyacinth and Blue Bells quietly whisper in the gentle breeze,

“Spring has arrived!”

But then another, “Beware, there is a  lion so close in this deep.”

His fierceness is now decorated with delicate purple and blue flower petals, clinging to his long golden mane.  He sits, yawns, and waits.

“Don’t hurry, we both need to linger here.” He growls, as he unexpectedly stands up, turns, and walks slowly away.

“Soon the summer heat will come.”

I would like to follow him now, but, I am startled to see a reflection in the water, of someone I do not recognize. “Who in the world is that?” I wonder, as I turn to look behind myself. No, I am the only one here now, but I see a face looking back at me, much older than I remember.

“When did that happen to me?”

The lion turns slowly, looks back at me, and growls once again, “Follow this, your path, don’t hold on to your reflection any longer. The wisdom acquisition is much more valuable than youth.  You are quickly gaining stature now, within an eternal kingdom.”

Then he turned, shook himself, and all the spring flower petals in his golden mane fell gently to the ground, and then I heard him say to me, “Do not forget to share your knowledge of the only true values of this lifetime. Create only that which you love, and remember, fear is only an illusion, practiced on the evolving mortal soul.”

As he slowly disappears into the deep I let myself cry out, ” It was my fear that brought you here,  now I realize, you too are only an illusion, another I have created. Now, as you leave me, please tell me, how will I ever recognize myself again?”

A booming voice echos from the deep, ” Nothing achieving survival value in this short lifetime, can ever be lost! You and your creations are the illusions. As you change, age, your spirit is gaining in stature even as you are aging, as is meant to be. Don’t hold to the illusion of what was your youth. Memories of what once was, in your life, are only for helping you, they are not for holding you back.”

I turned, looked back at the reflection of myself now missing in the water, and thought of leaving my past behind forever. How hard that is, I thought that is who I was. But now I realize how important it is to leave it, so you can move forward without fear.



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  1. Donna says:

    I love it. How much that resonates with me as well. Thanks Sharon.

  2. shaveart says:

    Such an interesting one to write. I listen to myself and that is what I hear!

  3. Carmel says:


  4. Joan Cornwell says:

    You are so insightful (and talented). Love, J

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