Posted on 11/30/2017 at 4:00pm

Dear Artist friends, This story is for you, I know that you too have stories about when you decided to be an artist. This is mine. Both my father and my mother painted. Once they painted the same orchid from their wedding bouquet, and those amazingly beautiful but quite different oil paintings still hang in my Dad’s home. Five children caused their lives to take a different path. My cousin told me not long ago, that he remembered something my father said when I was still a little child after he asked me a dreaded question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I said, “An artist!” He hollered back, very mad at me, “No! You can not be an artist!”
It did not work. I became an artist. As an early artistic genius, it was very difficult to push back the fear of failure after being told that I was a failure from the beginning by my educators and my father. Undiagnosed attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, as well as being left-handed did not help.
I studied the master’s paintings from art books and copied paintings to imitate their strokes in my early years. Composition and perspective came easy in my own work. Color-mixing was a no-brainer. Where to go with my prolific ability was, and still is, an ongoing challenge.

Then: Art-Shows, Museums, Art-Fairs, Fine Art Auctions, Competitions, and brick and mortar Art Galleries.

Now: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Artwork Archive, American Artwork, and many more new ones every day.

I have done them all and still work hard every day just trying to keep up with it all. I think I now understand why my Dad was angry and afraid for me. ‘Artist’ is something you become, and then you are for a lifetime, there was no turning back and I think he understood more than me the sacrifices I would need to make.

As an artist, I wonder if you too have had the insecurities I have had of wondering if you have chosen this career, or if it chose you. Hang in there. It can be one of the very best, hardest, but most rewarding jobs out there.


“Dusk in Venice”  Oil on Linen  2017 18″x30″


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  1. At 75, this little ole’lady finally has a website, for good or evil! So good to hear from your travels and you, Sharon. I always devour your stories, I love to travel but no longer have the funds. So I work in the world close to me, which I find is vast and a continuing challenge. Am planning to teach in the spring by demand from a growing mob. Just have to find a location. Back to your subject … I see art not as a field we choose but as a condition we’re born to, like left-handedness or brown eyes. It just “is.” What we do with it is what changes our lives and that of others. What we do makes our struggles but also our rewards. We are in charge, says my long-time art teacher. At least we have that illusion … then we pick up that magical paint brush and we KNOW we’re in charge. Pay it forward and smear it around. Jump in the puddles, and know I miss you! Kathleen

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