Landscape Series

To inquire about availability of the original paintings listed here, fill out the contact form on this website.

The artwork on this website is protected under United States copyright laws and cannot be reproduced without written permission.

  • leland-fishtown-302
  • dsci0007
  • “New Orleans” Oil on Canvas 40″x30″
  • rainy-ireland-oil-on-canvas-40×24
  • rose-road-oil-on-canvas-24×30
  • skerries-ireland-oil-on-canvas-22×30
  • Village Brantome
  • Scan402
  • img_1217
  • “View in Carpentras”  Oil on Canvas
  • “Cheekwood”  Oil on Canvas Copyright SRS
  • “The Last Look”  Oil on Canvas  30″x30″
  • cape-cod-oil-on-canvas-24×36
  • “My Home”  18″x12″  Oil on Canvas
  • “The Market”  40″x30″  Oil on Canvas
  • “The First Lesson”  Oil on Canvas 40″x30″
  • “On the Dock”  Oil on Canvas 36″x48″
  • “Golden Light” 16″x20″  Oil on Linen 2015 SRS


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