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Ignoring Large A.. White Rabbits with timepieces dangling from their waists is a bit of a challenge, but with willpower and tenacity it can be done. Hurry, move more quickly, talk faster, don’t waste time, run as fast as you can, as the hours, days and years of life march ever onward. I am a clock watcher, even at night I wake up and try to focus in the dim light on any clock. Thoughts of having inadequate time have been with me since I was a child. I have always felt hurried. Recently, I started using my thought power to change my feeling that there was a lack of time, by constantly affirming there is plenty of it. That seems to be helping. I don’t let myself agonize about how fast time is going, I just repeat over and over to myself, “I have plenty of time.” That seems to work most of the time. Except when I am driving. That is when an entire army of Large A.. White Rabbits are running around with clocks dangling pointing at them. Doesn’t anyone else notice them? “Oh please, can you go a little faster you sweet, grey haired, elderly person in the sedan in front of me?” I say that only to myself, because… I  stumbled on another pain in the A.., Rabbit.

But listen to this. It is that Mad Hatter that really gets to me. Are we smiling? Always smiling. Always in a hat?  Yes always. Tea? Yes, always tea. Parties? Oh yes, lots more parties, please.  Can we all dance wildly with total abandon around a huge table outdoors? Yes! Now that is what makes this a party!  Then there is that other important subject of interest that really gets me going, and I begin to think out loud, “What is the proper attire, apparel, garb, get-up, costume for this party called life? Long-flowing, short-sassy, cropped, tucked, loose, the rules are endless and self-imposed.  Will someone tell us when we should stop wearing those? Now, that would be helpful. Surely gloves are always needed, are they not? Please, do tell, shoes or boots? Which are most appropriate?  God help us. Will someone please give me back my hat! Hair does not matter at all anymore and hats do amazing things for everyone! Don’t forget your silk scarves wound delicately around the neck, perfectly tied, of course. Where are those wonderful red spectacles? They are the only ones that allow you to see that cute little door mouse that is sound asleep in the corner waiting for the party to begin.”

Artist Sharon Rusch Shaver Copyright 2012

You may be wondering what has brought me to talk about Alice’s interesting imaginary friends. I recently saw the film by director Tim Burton  “Alice in Wonderland

Which got me thinking about fairy tales. I love the creative way they mirror our lives.

Looking closely, they can show us the absurdity of our inner selves because that is who we believe we are. We drift from thought to thought rarely taking control of the power that is always with us, that we can easily use if we choose to control those mindless wanderings of thought that take us places where we should never go. We encounter fleeting glimpses of something very real that can help guide us, and then it vanishes from our awareness through our inability to let go of all those moments that are in our past, that should be forgiven and forgotten. They obscure our path, like the bramble that has grown out of control, temporarily blocking our way, until we turn around, and leave it behind, never to return this way again. There is so much in my own life to let go of. I keep running back to some of my worst thoughts, like they are such an important part of me, but in reality they are not me at all, they are only memories that will get farther away, if I would only let them go, fading into the mists of time. Listening to that gentle inner voice, guiding me in brilliant ways to journey down freshly discovered paths toward creative gifts that are mine alone to share.  Could it be that in controlling our thoughts, by not letting past, negative, fearful, and worrisome thoughts crowd us, we can all become the glorious creatures we are meant to be, in spite of our past? I like the idea and I am going to run with it. Now, if I can just stop seeing Large A.. White Rabbits with clocks while I am driving…

I will be taking a group to join me in Ireland and France next year, please let me know if you would like to join me on one of the next Artists, Writers, and Explorer Excursions of creativity and discovery.

Oil on Canvas 30″x30″ Copyright 2011 Sharon Rusch Shaver

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  1. Wendy Wise says:

    I’m the other way round, I always think I’ve got plenty of time, consequently I’m nearly always late for everything!!!

  2. Donna says:

    Finish each day and be done with it, you have done what you could. Some blunders & absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. Emerson said it very well didn’t he? I have to keep it close by so I will remember to do it.

  3. Melissa Booth says:

    Sharon, this is such a nice post – you should submit it to a fashion magazine – they sometimes have stories or editorials of interest, and this places such an interesting focus on clothing and how it is related to who we are and the way we view ourselves – and your thoughts about fairy tales and choices would be so wonderful for many women’s magazines… I am sure women and girls would benefit from your views . . . best! melissa

  4. This is a wonderful post about fairy tales, rabbits, and choices from our friend, artist Sharon Shaver – enjoy!

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