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A mole died this week. He was about six inches long with the most beautiful coat of taupe soft fur. His front paws were flesh colored and very large, they had no hair on them, as well as his tail and nose.  Mole tunnels or trails can be found under very soft ground, close to creek beds that are seem to be running everywhere. They eat things like larvae that spend time under the ground like Japanese Beetles and other destructive insects, so grapevines, roses, and other plants are faring much better now that these funny looking little creatures have taken up residence. They love earthworms too. They use their big front paws to clean all the dirt out of them before they eat or store them in their tunnels, for future meals. No need to worry, they do not eat plants or plant roots. No need to cook one for lunch either, they are not very tasty. A past Queen in Scotland ordered coats made from rectangles of the soft fluffy fur that has an unusual feature, it does not go in any one direction, because they spend their entire lives under the ground, and that is what makes it so incredibly soft. Do not kill one in Germany without a permit or you will get into trouble with the law, and they do not exist anywhere on Ireland.

This poor guy had not only died, but was wet from rain before I took his picture.

Ireland has no moles, but I am inviting Artists, Writers, and Explorers to join me. Think of trolls, not moles, but fairies, and ancient history at every turn. Think of the wonderful art treasures of the Celts, Irish culture, food and Irish Stout. Ireland entwines sheep with stone ruins. Ireland is a gem of understated elegance. Join me!


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