Posted on 02/05/2016 at 2:04pm

The 2-story, well-maintained, old stone dwelling, anchored for untold eons on the rugged south-west coast of Ireland, welcomed me with its front door wide open to the warm spring breezes and shared with me that time had stopped many years before. A roughly painted wooden sign leaning against a chair out front of the building, said “OPEN”.

Stepping inside I was greeted by a lovely old woman, with fluffy blonde hair who was obviously dressed for an occasion. Although with advanced age, her fashion flair was apparent with a light-colored, billowy gossamer scarf tied loosely around her neck. She wore lots of jewelry, stockings with black heels, and her narrow white skirt fit a bit large on her narrow frame.  All combined giving her a demeanor of stately elegance. Bustling around her brightly painted kitchen with fresh white linen towels hanging, I watched as she was preparing to serve tea and coffee from a wood serving tray with her fresh-baked scones and rhubarb apple tarts, to me, the only person who had chanced by at the table placed outside on the grass in front of her home. Working by her side in the kitchen was her elderly husband, carefully handling the coffee and filling a pitcher with fresh cream. The curtains that hung in the entry window reminded me of ones from the 50’s that my parents had when I was little, and when I looked past them at the view overlooking the magnificent, glistening rocky coastline, I knew this was exactly what I was hoping to find. I enjoy creating stories through my work about the places I have been that are only fleeting in my memory, but perhaps will be capable of taking on a life of their own when I return to my studio and spend countless hours with my ideas and sketches to bring something new and perhaps lasting from them to share, with words and paint. If I do justice to any of those moments, I wonder if I will ever know.

“Irish Tea” Oil on Linen 14″x11″ Copyright 2016 Sharon Rusch Shaver

“A Window to the Sea” 30″x24″ Oil on Linen Copyright 2016 Sharon Rusch Shaver

“Irish Coffee” Oil on Linen 20″x20″ Copyright 2016 Sharon Rusch Shaver


“The Proofing” Oil on Linen 20″x20″ Copyright 2016 Sharon Rusch Shaver



“Rhubarb and Apple” Oil on Linen Copyright 2016 Sharon Rusch Shaver










“Entrance to the Coast” Oil on Linen 30″x24″ Copyright 2015 Sharon Rusch Shaver

Join me on the next exciting journey to Europe, this year to Italy, to paint and share in the discovery of those experiences which  can give artists the stimulation that I have found is wonderful for artistic growth.



  1. Dan Shaver says:

    Wow what a great place and storytelling, I love this series, the older gentlemen in the kitchen with the scones and pie in the foreground shows particularly well in photographs.

  2. Angie Hayes says:

    Lovely story and paintings! It must have been a wonderful place.

  3. Miriam Foerster says:

    I really enjoyed that! Thanks.

  4. Reba Wauford says:

    The paintings really do tell a story! I enjoyed reading the story then get down to the bottom and see the pictures and how well both have been done.

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