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I design workshops for artists in Europe. I am taking a group to France in May, which is almost fully booked, and Ireland in September, which has already started booking. All mediums and levels are welcome. My locations are chosen very carefully, so that you will be relaxed, and inspired by the incredibly beautiful places we go. Prior to leaving you will be given a detailed consultation; supply list; and  assignments, to help you prepare for painting on location overseas.

While I am teaching a workshop, as this one to the Irish Isle this coming September, there is an optional daily itinerary, which is provided the evening before. You can participate in the painting time, tour local sites, enjoy horseback riding, fishing, walking the castle grounds, or relax at the spa facilities which are located on the over 300 acre property.
I do a demonstration painting before each and every class, and  then I work closely with each student.
In the evening we have a critique, (encouragement) time. Sometimes my students, even beginners, are excited to paint without much help right from the start, (I can tell they are saying, OK, OK,  just let me paint!)
That is one of the things I find so interesting about doing this. Some people just need persuasion and the supplies, and after they have watched me,  they just take off on their own! How both rewarding and exciting that is to me! My students have claimed, “I learn more from you, than any other workshop I have taken.”
1.) I teach the basics of composing a pleasing composition.
2.) When and how to establish dynamic darks and highlights that bring excitement and depth to your work.
3.) How to work quickly, so you can capture that fleeting light that makes en plein air painting look so fresh and colorful!
I work indoors as well as outdoors en plein aire, (in the light of day), so I try never to miss a day of painting due to the weather. This location in Ireland is perfect for this workshop. It has a livery stables, 12th century castle, winding river, over 300 acres to explore, spa facilities, and very accommodating staff. I look forward to sharing this opportunity with my artist friends and contemporaries. If this sounds like something you would love to do, please join me! Fall is a great time of year to go.

Ireland: August 29th to September 10th 2012
Book your trip now by sending your information to me and I will send you all the information you will need to join me!

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