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Amish Auction, Copyright 2011

The long line of cars inched slowly along a road that does not see many motor cars. Several minutes passed as we climbed over yet another hill in anticipation, when a  small open horse and buggy, with a man wearing signature black clothes and a long beard and straw hat, sped by in the other direction smiling and waving at everyone.  I was glad to see him, because on this beautiful spring day the first weekend in April, rain or shine, the Amish Auction takes place in Kentucky. Inching further along it comes into view, an entire hillside with a large green barn, and hundreds of people milling about. Every inch is covered in people, animals, and things for sale. Baby goats, ducks, rabbits, geese, turkeys, doves, chickens, and lots of dogs in one huge section, making sounds of squawking, barking, whistling, you name it with no one in particular paying attention to them.

Old tools for sale, things I don’t think anyone in their right mind uses anymore but the Amish. I spotted some old wooden hammers with one that had the head of it wrapped in metal. The old man sitting near by told me, “that would be good to keep him in line!” The Dazy butter churns in 5 different sizes were made of clear glass with a hand crank on the side with paddles inside.  The smallest one was about the size of a coffee cup. Big enough to make butter for breakfast in the morning! I loved the handmade brooms. I had to buy one of those. There were 5 different sizes of those too! Then I noticed some strange-looking machines, they were Maytag Ringer Washing machines. There was about 10 of those. Hot item.

Everywhere you look are the beautiful Amish mothers with their many children, carrying one in her arms with another two or three of them clutching her long skirt as she walks quickly by. The teenage girls are gathered in groups with their hair covered in white caps tied under their chin. Their dresses in beautiful shades of blue tight at the waist and then a full skirt to the ground. Shoes are athletic. Nike, Reebok, you get the picture. I tried not to notice.


Oil on Canvas, Copyright 2011



It sounds like a Rock Concert of activity. With an auction going on in every corner of that hillside. The shouts..who will give me 5, now 10, 15 now 20! Gourds were another hot item. The Amish grow them and hollow them out and string them up to hang between poles in their gardens to attract Purple Martins to nest. Great bug control.

I enjoyed my visit to the Spring Amish Auction in Kentucky, I am planning to go back next year and buy a metal wrapped wood hammer.

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  1. Miriam says:

    I just adored hearing about that day. Brings back memories. Bud and I used to go to Lancaster, PA just to see them. We had dinner in an Armish home. I’ve done lots of paintings of the Amish.. I love your painting. XXOO Mim

  2. Marsha Rusk says:

    Hey Sharon,
    I love the “rocking with the Amish.” I believe their way of living is going to be vital now and especially further into the future.
    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me…Marsha 😉

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