Posted on 06/20/2010 at 8:02pm

Sharon Rusch Shaver

Setting up to paint in the hall of my friends home in Wartrace , TN was exciting for me. In the morning I had awoken at the crack of dawn to a dark and rainy day so I set up to paint from the cover of the garage. The view of the distant hills and faded red barns and silos was very inspiring I knew once I got started the painting would go well. Later that day, after a swim in the salt water pool, I asked if I could set up to paint inside the old historic victorian mansion. I chose a view of the front entrance as seen from the stairs. The darkened room I set up to paint in was just perfect for the light I was wanting to capture en plein air in this painting session. Less than an hour into it lunch was suggested and when i returned to the painting I did a little more to the composition but most of it was spot on, as my British friend would say.


  1. Rosalind Roche says:

    What an enjoyable time we spent together Sharon, and your paintings outdoors and indoors are beautiful. They capture what I see and feel about this lovely old place.

    Let’s do it again to capture early spring 2011.

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