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Star Magnolia  300When I stepped out the front door first thing in the morning, a frost clung to every blade of grass. My down-lined parka held back the north wind as flurries of snow melted as they touched my skin. March is a very unsettled month here, changing by the minute. It is windy, cold and snowy, with a darkness that seems oppressive, and then within an hour it can be so bright and sunny that all of the frost will melt, tiny flowers show their heads, the birds begin chirping, and baby bunny rabbits come out from their sleep from under the barn porch and start hip-pity hopping to every corner of the yard. Those changes are ones I can see and anticipate from prior years, but choices and unsettled changes in my own life are giving me reason to remind myself of some lessons taught to me long ago.

When I am getting ready to do something totally different than I usually do, a change in my life’s routine,  the anticipation can be fraught with emotion such as excitement or anguish, my heart can race, and sometimes it can overwhelm my spirit.  Like a child I want to pull back from those changes that are so sure to come blasting into my life, in spite of my reluctance to go through them.  I have noticed something interesting, however, my reactions to those incessant changes is becoming one of total acceptance. Through willful concentration on all that is positive and true in my life, I walk with a continual awareness that nothing ever stays the same. The newness of those changes is like the calm after a storm. It is that feeling of knowing that all is well, that I have never walked this life path alone.

Be careful what you wish for.”

“What you think about, comes about.”

“We are creating our lives with our every thought.

These are well-worn quotes I learned in my youth that I refer to often. These thoughts that are creating the changes in my life are making me into who I am at this very moment. I cannot separate myself or turn away from my own thoughts. Once I can take a moment and look back on these life changes, they will never have the same feeling they had when I was anxiously going through them. It is the emotion that brings the excitement and sometimes the anguish, all for naught. When the changes come again, as they surely will, I will be reminding myself once again to use my thought power to center myself to bring strength, instead of letting myself get carried away by emotions that that have nothing to do with those changes. They come no matter how I feel.

I am reminded of a song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. This version from YouTube is by The Three Tenors, such wonderful voices in harmony with each other.

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