Posted on 08/31/2010 at 9:31pm

Painting at public events is so much fun for me. I can set up almost anywhere in a matter of minutes and then I am quite oblivious to anyone or anything around me. I will work for a couple of hours but it seems like only minutes have gone by. Although people around me will sometimes want to talk to me about what I am doing, I can carry on fairly well in conversation and keep right on working. Summer is a great time to go to outdoor concerts and I have recently started to do paintings while I am at them. When I arrive people will notice me as I set up, but then they will just check on the progress every half hour or so and comment on how quickly I can get the painting to begin to look like something recognizable. If I capture the feeling of the day, the heat, the crowd, the stage, I really enjoy the time I have spent. I sometimes go back to my studio to do a little bit of touch up work on the piece, but most of the painting is finished. These are some examples of recent concerts from 2010. The first is Cleveland, Ohio where I set up at the Cleveland Museum of Art grounds and painted during an evening concert of an all woman band playing some really great rock and roll music. I don’t know how people can sit so still with that beat playing. A little girl next to me started to dance and I was happy to join with her! She smiled as she danced and I am sure she could tell I have that same dancing spirit hanging out in me.

Oil on Canvas 14"x11"

This painting is of the Nashville Museum grounds at Cheekwood during the Chihuly Exhibit. I enjoyed painting by the small lake that contained several of his illuminated floating sculptures as Joan Baez music filled the evening air. No one danced during this one. Not even me.

Oil on Canvas 11"x14"

The last painting was late in the evening a couple of weeks ago. I painted in the town of Hendersonville at the site of the Art Council  at Monthaven, The crowd was small, but the music was done on interesting sounding percussion instruments that made me smile and tap my foot a little.

Oil on Canvas 11"x14"


  1. Mel Davenport says:

    Great job capturing the atmosphere of these events. You’re so talented!

  2. Mim. says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your accounts…s’pecially of places familiar to me. Wonderful paintings! Mim

  3. Tracy H Sugg says:

    These paintings are wonderful! I feel as if I were there, hearing the sounds and seeing the people move and interact. I hope to see more like these Sharon! It would be great if you could paint live at ballets and operas!

  4. Mary O'Dea Beyer says:

    Love to hear about your painting adventures! Getting to know you as an adult! Thanks for sharing!

    • shaveart says:

      Thanks for reading these and talking to me. It has been very isolating being an artist all these years, sometimes, no one sees my work! So this makes me get it out there and I am really excited about it! I love getting responses about my work! I try so hard to do a good job and now this is part of it!

  5. Reba Wauford says:

    Thank you for including me in your latest blogs. I am enjoying the locations
    and renderings very much. It is refreshing to see you doing your passion .
    It is a journey and isolating or not, you take along others as you paint the
    scene, the time of day, and your sensitivity to all that is going on. I enjoy
    the visual as well as the written, like letters with your own stationery. I feel
    like Theo and hearing from his brother Vincent. I am sure he would have
    enjoyed the immediacy of the web. By the way, I’ve been following your invitation to other ideas such as Robert Glenn’s website. It has been a while since in the Gallatin Art Club but I still keep up with you.
    Thanks Sharon

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