Posted on 02/15/2011 at 10:38am

The woman has been sitting at her easel on this dark rain soaked day for what seems like hours, barely moving. The gentle sound of brushes swishing back and forth is all. The quiet is almost overwhelming but she does not notice, and the rain is keeping the pace.

It has been whispered when it begins you can feel the vibrations quite a distance away. P.D. the dog has covered his eyes with his paw. She has finally stood up and is turning on the music. The Victorian-looking two story brick house that is perched high on a rock shelf in middle Tennessee has started that distinct thumping again with a solid beat that has encouraged this small woman in paint splattered old clothes, to set down her brushes, and begin moving to the sound once again.

The high quality speakers blare loudly with women rock musicians like the Lady G, Mo, Annie, Chrisi and Stevie, thanks to a playlist she has created of her favorite tunes with just the right beat on a tiny Ipod. Slowly at first, the intensity gradually amplifies and she now can move, dancing, in a rhythmic way, that gets her blood pumping.

Life now seems so much more comfortable and exciting as she sits back down at her easel, smiling and breathless. P.D. the dog looks up and lets out a long sigh.

She calls this painting of a young woman in her pink heels, “Candy”. A young woman comfortable in her skin.



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