Posted on 07/21/2010 at 6:18pm

What is it about our memories that can bring so much baggage with them that we can almost forget the present moment with all of its surprises?

Who are all these people?

That is what I am always saying to myself in my dream world, and now I was living it, at  my 40th high school reunion. First a name, then the recognition would begin. Some people I knew right away. Others I would never have recognized.

I took several stops along this journey north to where I grew up. I knew I would love to do some painting on this trip so that I would remember every moment. The first one is of a beautiful small lake in Geneva, Ohio.  I enjoyed painting while my nephews caught several fish.

Oil on Canvas 11″x14″

The next place I painted was at my dear friend Carol’s house. Having just reunited with a friend I had spent some of my most memorable moments of my youth with, and had not seen in 40 years, I was very excited to find out that she too had art as a major part of her life. Her Masters in Fine Art has served her well and she teaches at a private school outside Buffalo. I stayed a few nights with her reminiscing about our childhood antics and did this painting while she also worked on a painting by the Niagara River in front of her house. She held the canvas on her lap and worked diligently for a couple of hours. It was wonderful reconnecting with someone I had known as a child. Our meeting again reminded me, that time is no barrier to friendship.

Oil on Canvas 11″x14″

I drove straight to Cleveland Museum of Art after leaving Grand Island. The museum has added new galleries of antiquities which I find fascinating with so much beautiful art, some of it created thousands of years ago. My feet became tired and when I changed shoes and locked my keys in the trunk of my car. It was time to shift gears , relax, and not panic. I called AAA and everything went well. Now that I have my keys again I can go back to the museum, and a concert in the park that evening. Making time to paint, en plein air  again!

Oil on Canvas 14″x11″

Now I am 7 hours from home with 2 more stops to make. My cousins’ cabin outside Louisville is waiting for me to arrive. I get settled in, and after an evening dinner with birthday celebrating in town, I slept well after the long day of driving. In the morning I painted this en plein air from  the cabin’s front porch of  Miss Judy’s Sunflowers.

Oil on Canvas 14″x11″

My last stop on this summer journey in 2010 ended at my friends farmhouse in Scottsville, Kentucky. The hot and humid day I arrived unannounced  found me

welcomed by my good friend, with a loving hug and a wonderful lunch served on her old farmhouse front porch with flowers and nonstop conversation about our recent holiday with family and friends. After grabbing my camera we took a walk around her flower filled yard and I took several photos of her taking down her laundry  and have since painted that memory after arriving home.

Oil on Canvas 20″x16″

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  1. Mary O'Dea Beyer says:

    Sharon, what a fun time you must of had! Paintings are great and wonderful memories for you! It was great finally finding you after all these years. Keep in touch! Had a great time at the reunion, not enough time to talk to everyone we’ll have to do it again, sooner!
    I love driving and stopping to see family and friends! If your ever down my way, Englewood, Fl on the gulf coast, stop in and sit a while!! Spend a night or two! Love to have you!

  2. Diane (Bykowicz) Hassan says:

    I love your newest pictures! Your technique is wonderful and the paintings are so serene.

  3. Tena Patrick says:

    Sharon, thanks for including me in your email list so that I could follow your blog. I always enjoy seeing your newest paintings. My home is brightened daily by your work and I still love each piece as much as I did the first day. I was sorry to miss your recent show on the square but was out of state at the time.

  4. Trish says:

    This is wonderful – what a way to have your fans staying connected with all that you are doing!

  5. Linda king says:

    Your work is so amazing, among my favorite on my wall at hm in my bedroom, looking forward to getting more, one with a sensous red head in it!
    Linda King

  6. Mim. says:

    Sharon, I loved your delightful story and paintings. Thanks for sharing. Do tell us more about your trips……..even the plein air ones. I’ll be joining you when it’s not so “warm”.

  7. maryjo gill says:

    Sharon…i wish I had been at the reunion you wrote about. I tell you, you need to write!! Include your beautiful paintings, drawings, sketches, etc in your books! You write and paint beautifully, Sharon. Such a talent.

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