Posted on 03/07/2011 at 5:23pm

The wind whips around buffeting against the leafless trees as they stand so stoically on this warm early spring night. The sound as it passes through their branches calms me like a distant melody. The chattering of raindrops on the roof has started its own rhythmic pattern that laughingly joins in with the mighty wind in a harmony of merriment.

Now the sound of friends telling stories, playing guitar, singing and laughing will make us forget the wind and rain as we all join together by the warmth of the crackling fire. The sour cherry pie hot from the oven is cooling on the stove. I give myself the gift of thanking for this day, and a few moments to listen and rest in the calm music of the wind and rain. This is the only moment there is right now. There is no other moment being experienced by anyone like it in all the world. Allowing my mind the time to see itself in the creations of this lifetime, and finding joy in as many moments as I can, is the gift I give my thanks for.


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  1. Willie says:

    Your work is amazing! Very warm and homey!

  2. Willie says:

    Amazing work! Warm and homey!

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