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Thinking outside of a box gives people a different sense of reality, that I know makes me need a “paint” reliever for. Painting (creating) lets me know that there is no need to be afraid, someone is always watching over me. My television is always on in another room with no sound. There is way too much conditioning going on in those boxes for me. I have always felt that this is not where I need to spend much of my time. Thoughts are never needed, and living vicariously through the lives of others, can leave me feeling vacant and somewhat desperate. So I keep that particular box at a distance from myself and take another “paint” reliever.

In today’s world we should lock step for lots of reasons. Our leaders demand to be followed, yet others with much to give, quietly go their way, not caring if others are following or watching. I want to live my life intensely, and invite others to join in and lock in step with me for a time. Walking alone on this seldom journeyed path, I carry my experiences like a cloud of dust, that I need to vigorously shake off like a wet dog on a hot summers day occasionally, by sharing in this new way called Blogging. Then I feel so much lighter and free to wander again and gather still more while this dream I am having gradually becomes my life’s story.

Have you ever taken a picture? Oh yes, you may say, but I know better. Have you looked closely before you take the photo at the edges and seen what is there before you take the picture? That is just part of the beginning of decreeing your composition. Easy for some, difficult for most. You must look around. Feel around the edges, getting intimate with every part of it before the button is ever pushed.

This is a painting in Oil on Canvas of Women Musicians at a music festival in a small Irish Village.
Now I have once again decided what to keep and what to let go of in my composition. I allow myself to paint without thinking as I begin work on the blank canvas. A moment to center myself is taken, but that is all. I know there is a way to continue without the guidance, but why would I want to? It is all encompassing and more real than anything else I experience. I smile at the thought, and give myself over to it again, feeling all around those edges, getting intimate before the brushes ever hit the canvas.

Join me in Ireland spring 2011. Just a few spaces remaining! Wander over the 300 acre estate along the gently flowing river next to the Castle in County Collooney. The Isle is in her glory in the spring, choose your horse from the stables which are close by for riding in the morning mist. Relax and rejuvenate in a place where the lore of fairies continues to this day. Just send me an email request for the itinerary and I will get one right out to you.

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  1. Mary Miller-McNutt says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for sharing your blog. I enjoy reading it.
    Have a great day!

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