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There she was, just a delicate whisper of a person. Her large dark eyes, took me by surprise. So tall, pale, thin and fluid-looking that an image flashed in my mind that she could morph into a snake of some kind. But no, I am in Ireland, there are no snakes located anywhere on the Isle. There I was enjoying a delicious pint of Guinness in one of the oldest Pubs in Dublin. I tried to move closer in the crowded afternoon pub, hoping to catch another glimpse of something that only I seemed to be noticing. Then, I chanced to look down at her feet. Yes! I now was positive what I was seeing was real. Her delicate feet were completely bare. No shoes of any kind. Thin, fragile legs stopping at feet so pale and moving in such a way she appeared to be dancing. It was cold and damp outside in the bustling city. I wore tall boots and wool sweaters of some kind everyday I was there. Now I had the assurance I needed. Normal in Ireland is something close to magical. What goes on in a crowded Irish pub in the middle of a most metropolitan city in Europe during rush hour on a cold rainy spring day, is a wisp of a young woman gliding along on her delicate bare feet. It was truly something of folklore. Perhaps she was a relative of faeries or some such thing. They live mostly in the woods sleeping in leaves, flowers and moss I suppose. I tried to take a photograph but in the moment it took to set up my camera lens, she had disappeared into the crowd. Such a pity, I wanted to capture her to show you what one looks like!

Back at the Castle where we worked, played, and ate great food for a week, with sun, gentle wind and pelting rain, each coming for a short time daily, the staff made us feel comfortable by giving us hot tea on a silver tray as we painted in the common areas of the Castle. When the sun returns moments later, all glistens and shines as the light glows on every leaf, bud and moss covered everything. While some in our group of travelers were painters, a few of the guests rode the horses that are available on the castle grounds. The interesting weather did not stop them from enjoying galloping on the beaches and through local villages, where a stop for lunch to warm by the peat fire and catch your breath in the pub was welcome.
I found myself wandering the landscape as I listened to the lilting Irish Brogue spoken in the distance as the evening light streamed through the clouds and created yet another amazing beautiful rainbow.





We are planning another adventure to Ireland this year and would like to invite you to join us. I paint wherever I go, and you can learn from me, paint, photograph or write on your own, and enjoy the many other activities that Ireland and the unique places we visit have to offer. Brochure 2015




” The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Saint Augustine

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