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I know it is time to relinquish all fear and allow myself to feel the guidance. Is it because I want to share my visions of this dream that I find myself in? Perhaps words can do more than I thought, and they too will take on a life of their own and inspire others to go with me in search of the depths of imagination and creativity. It can be a lonely path, one that not everyone understands or is willing to take. The short days and the seemingly endless nights are inspiring me once more. I keep myself so busy by starting a new canvas as soon as I finish the last one. “Don’t waste this precious time.” I hear the whispers in my head as I tell myself again.” So soon the flowers will bloom and you will not want to stay in this indoor place and spend the many hours it takes to do these very special paintings.” Using as much imagination and creative vision as I can muster up within myself, I spend countless hours filtering through all the encounters with people and places that I have captured with my many diaries and sketchbooks over the past year. Traveling to far off lands it always brings me face to face with amazing subjects and environs in which I then joyously record visually and with words, using all my tools. I work so hard to recall the very moment, how it felt to me, what were the smells, sounds, and light that I will want to remember. I take detailed notes of all my impressions. Now in this wonderful dream that is winter, I can dig deep into these recordings of my memories, searching for those special moments that now will become my portraits. The people who I have chosen to represent become as real to me as when I first encountered them. My subjects are stopped in time on my canvas, as the whispers of their past and futures remain mysterious and unattainable. The encouragement to start yet another is dawning from within me, guiding my hands and eyes to record in this, my day and time, the best I can possibly do with a fleeting vision of beautiful souls that I have been blessed to encounter on this, my chosen journey.

Iolanthe, Ella, and Adriana were visting their Grandparents home in summer and had just been in the salt water pool next to the gazebo. When I found them in the dining room they were still dressed in their wet swimmers with their hair falling wet and wild in their faces and around their shoulders. The light shining in the window behind Ella has given the moment almost a spiritual quality that I love. Athough they are only looking at colored napkins, they appear so lovely and interested in what they have discovered. A youthful moment with children captured unknowingly in a summer of fun.

This older Gentleman enjoying his lunch in a wonderful old pub in Ennis, County Clare in Ireland was the quintessential Irishman. His wool jacket, hat, smile and gentle spirit spoke understatedly of who he was. At midday, an Irish Stout perfectly poured seems to add to the perfection of a life well lived on the Isle.


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