Posted on 01/02/2012 at 9:36am

I thought I knew something that could help the people I cherish in this life, but I became so sure that no one would listen to me that silence became my friend. That knowledge has continually faded from my memory until only a cold whisper remains when the sad news comes that another one is getting ready to go, or another leaving has just happened.

I want to exclaim, “this is not the last time we will be together!  THIS is the illusion!”

An ending becomes an opportunity to add to the story and give hope.

Fear does amazing things to me. It stops me in my tracks. It makes me forget what I know, who I am, where I am from, and even where I am going. I have read, studied and listened my whole life, searching for truth.  When I first immersed myself in the  knowledge, the intense feeling of uplifting, with all its necessity, was so full of truth, that nothing could possibly diminish it. Everything was different.  All my questions, answered. When something speaks of it now, my soul still resonates with it. I know I will never forget entirely. The knowing will be there when I least expect it. Shinning like the morning sun, and enfolding me like a warm blanket of love in all the sunrises and sunsets of my life. It lives in me, waiting to be recognized until I feel its guidance once again.

Sharing it is my challenge.

I wish everyone who reads these words a very happy, prosperous, healthy, new year.

What if this is only a brief moment in our journey of who we are to become?

Walk with me, the best is yet to be.

Oil on Canvas 14″x11″ Copyright 2011 Sharon Rusch Shaver

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  1. Anita Parker says:

    This is so true for all of us! This will be a great year, and with great friends and family, let us all embrace it. Happy New Year!

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