Posted on 02/26/2014 at 10:32am

Awakening from deep slumber, as the grey, winter sky obscures uplifting messages from beyond this world, I remind myself to pay close attention. Try not to allow weakening thoughts of doubt, regret, fear and disappointment that are looming in the recesses of mind this time of year to enter and take me downward. Using my imagination, I try to see myself walking confidently as an inner guide points the way.

In a light filled moment the circumstances that brought the wavering can be lost, and the journey made quite clear again.  As I listen carefully to the leading’s, they become more distinct.

“Nurture the positive energy guiding you.

Shine the light of thankfulness, caring, and creativity outward, as it fills the shadows of your mind.

Plan for life. Write down your wildest dreams, and picture them as clearly as you can.

Sort through memories of past inspiration.  Give them a chance at another life.

If those first awakening thoughts enter your mind, the ones that made you look downward, stop for a moment and look up with thanksgiving, beyond the confines of this space and time to give you the wings to lift you up again to a world of infinite possibilities.

Let go of hurt. Let go of anger. Joy is here, waiting to be expressed as you. This day, and evermore.”










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