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Two of my paintings were selected to be exhibited in a Celebration of “Women Painting Women” for Women’s History Month. The exhibit is being held at the Customs House Museum  in Clarksville, Tennessee. The Exhibit will be up from March 7th to May 12th, 2013. A full-color catalog of the exhibit is available by contacting the Museum. (931-648-5780) or ( Twenty-six works of art by thirteen different artists are represented in this show. Both of the paintings I have on exhibit in this show were executed from photographs taken while on one of my exciting journeys for artists, writers, and explorers. City Ride 2  24




This painting is of a woman in Paris, France riding her bicycle in a roundabout dressed in a skirt and high heels. She is a confident young woman, and I wanted to do a painting that had the same energy that I felt when I saw her maneuvering through one of the busiest sections of road in the beautiful city. Paris gives such a powerful feeling to my spirit, and I have another journey planned for this fall.



This painting of two young lovers was also from a photograph I took close to the Louvre Museum in Paris. He is already starting to fade from her mind. If you look closely at the painting, you can see hints of a crowd of people behind the couple as well, but they are in a world apart as their relationship is ending.


These are both paintings from my Figurative Series of work. I enjoy painting people. My extensive career, not only as a figurative painter but also as a portrait artist for many years, has made my life such a blessing. I have always enjoyed painting genre paintings.  Norman Rockwell was my teacher many years ago when I was learning my way as an artist. I studied his paintings carefully and tried to emulate his talent in my work before I new my own.

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  1. Vickie Williams says:

    Hello Sharon!

    Love both of the paintings and especially the “stories” behind them! I hope to go see the exhibit. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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